Thursday, 30 January 2014

More January buys

Another big shopping post  because.. well I like to shop..
From verge girl I bought the denim swing skirt, ever since buying the pineapple crop tee from the previous post, I've wanted a denim skater skirt to go with it, so I got this fairly simple one

From boohoo, I picked up the Tara animal and flower print gathered waist maxi skirt, it was on sale for $10 so I figured that it didn't matter if I ended up hating it, when it arrived I fell in love instantly. The fabric is so soft and flowy and the colours are gorgeous.

I have been wanting an Eos balm for as long as i can remember, and I finally remembered to scour eBay for them and picked up the honeysuckle honeydew one. It is more of a floral scent than I expected, as I just assumed it'd be purely honeydew melon. It is still nice though.

I had a gift card for city beach from Christmas and decided to spend it on a smaller make up bag to take overnight places. And then to make up the difference I scoured the sale section and found these cute daisy braid ins. My hair isn't currently long enough to use it, but it will be eventually.

I have decided to start getting some winter clothes sorted early this year, as I always keep buying summer clothes right up until the end of summer, which results in way too many summer clothes that don't get enough wear and no new winter clothes for the season.

So I went onto Asos to get some long socks and decided to check out the jumper section as well, which I am very happy I did. This daisy elbow patch jumper is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. It is also quite lightweight and super soft. Very good buy. The socks I chose are the Asos will cable over the knee socks in black and the gipsy over the knee socks in navy.

And finally, from cotton on I picked up some basics. The Jeanie floppy skirt in black, as I don't own a black skater skirt and that often limits me in what patterned tops I can wear. I also got the tricky printed muscle in bohemian, the colours looked so bright on the site and even brighter in real life. I never really got into the anorak fashion last winter until right at the end when everywhere stopped selling them, so I decided to grab a fairly simple one for this winter as they go with quite alot of outfits. And then I picked up two plain long shirts to wear with leggings, the da da da pkt via tank in white and the pump up a jam v neck tunic in navy. And lastly, whilst I was on the cotton on site, I grabbed some stylist tape because its something I always need.

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