Thursday, 13 February 2014

Shopping trip February 10

I picked up a few things whilst at the shopping centre with my sister. From Jay jays I bought denim overalls, I am so happy with this find as I have been looking for the perfect pair of overalls since they started coming back. They were always too tight across my hips and thighs and weirdly baggy everywhere else, but these ones fit nicely and are appropriately oversized all over. They are a size larger than I normally buy as the size 8's were illfitting across my hips.

Then I went into factorie and bought a white fluffy jumper, a white 3/4 sleeve top and a floral skater dress. I originally went in here just for the jumper, but then the top and skirt were both on the mannequin and they looked really nice together, son I bought both.

I also picked up some underwear and socks from best and less, but they are pretty boring and not worthy of a photo

OOTD February 10

Today I went out with my sister to help her buy uni supplies. We had brunch at Cosmo coffee and I naturally did a bit of shopping as well. But I'll post thay separately, here is my outfit.
Shirt: lace tee from Jay jays
Skirt: denim skater skirt from verge girl
Shoes: salt water sandals from thempeople
Bag: rusty paisley print bag from city beach

Sunday, 9 February 2014

February purchases number one

I bought another Revlon colour burst lip butter, this time in the colour juicy papaya. It is a gorgeous coral with a slight shimmer, it is still fairly subtle and not too opaque.

I have also started stocking up on winter clothes so I headed to and picked up a floral jumper, some cream mittens/ fingerless gloves (i also got these in the charcoal colour) and a tartan scarf.

The latest black milk release happened and as per usual, I either like nothing or like multiple things. I also had my 50+ voucher to use so I felt less guilty buying so much. I got the cherry blossom blue skater dress, the birds in paradise skater dress and the sharkie republic shooter in white. I love both of the skater dresses but the shooter isn't really my style (which I already knew but bought it anyway) so it is being returned, which will hopefully all be sorted before the Valentine's day release, because I love the clouds skater dress.