Friday, 27 June 2014

Beauty, stationery and homewares

Here are some beauty, stationery and homewares items that I've recently picked up
From models prefer:
- MP08 crease and flat liner brush
- MP04 powder and foundation brush
From glasshouse fragrances:
- tahaa mini candle
From typo:
- red A6 buffalo journal
- large stampionship in feathers
- black stamp it ink pad
- on a roll tape in woodland animals
- on a roll tape 3 pk in blue floral
- glass jar in matte blush
- flutterby butterfly teapot
- Disney classics sticker book
- make and create book in craft

Clothing and shoes haul

Since my last clothing post, I have bought quite a lot. And i do alreadg have more on the way, however I thought I should share what I've got so fsr before it get too much more out of hand.. so here goes:
From cotton on
- knit stripe jumper
- maroon printed muscle tank
From novo:
- vinnie khaki boots
From surf stitch:
- fujifilm instax mini 8 camera in black
- billabong always in the sun top
- affends phases tank
From verge girl:
- nature midi skirt
From princess Polly:
- mink pink stripe high neck tank
- Otto mode split second shorts
- passion fusion Claire's dress
- west end doll lady top
- mink pink heart twisting skirt
- rose bullet elements crop top in white and orange
- ninie temptations cardi
From Asos:
- moulded T back triangle bikini top in black
From black milk:
- snowflake scoop skater dress
From valley girl:
- deer t shirt
- daisy harem pants
- rainbow midi skirt
Stay tuned, because there will be more on the way soon. Xx Phoebe the shopaholic..