Saturday, 5 July 2014

June Bella Box

for once, my bella box post is relatively on time (although this months bella box didnt actually arrive until july)

in this box, i received:

-Herbal essences naked shine shampoo and conditioner, which i have already used once and am absolutely in love with, my hair is so soft already!

- Designer Brands twist and go instant nail polish remover.
 i have had one of these nail polish removing pots before (from sephora), which i loved at the time but it eventually started making my whole fingers green because of the amount of green nail polish that was in the pot. so i will have to wait and see if this one has the same problem.

- Designer brands nail polish in the colour watermelon gold.
 when i first opened the box and saw a pink nail polish, i was pretty unimpressed. however this colour has flecks of gold through it so it might be ok. i am planning to paint it on my toes soon to see what i think of it.

- Innoxa line defy loose powder in the colour translucent suede.
 i tried this powder out, and although it is very nice and leaves a very perfect finish, it is too dark for my winter skin and i will have to wait until summer to try it out properly.

- garnier BB cream original in the shade Medium.
 this cream has the same problem as the innoxa powder, in that it is too dark from my winter skin. i tried it out as well and it seems to work fairly well. will have to wait until summer to test it out properly as well, although it might still be too dark for summer..

- InStyle Magazine June 2014
 i havent read this yet, nor is it a beauty product to really have a review on. had a quick flick through and saw some nice clothes though, hopefully this doesnt enable my shopping habit further!

- Nutrimetics nutri-rich instant radiance beauty balm
 i dont yet have much to say about this as i havent used it yet..
and that is it for my June box. i am planning to do a big review post of all of the bella box products i have used so far, sometime soon.. hopefully

xx Phoebe

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