Monday, 21 July 2014

Lush Christmas in July Haul

Last week, Lush posted on their instagram that they were releasing some limited edition products for 'Christmas in July'. i knew that this meant Snow fairy would be making an appearance, which i was pretty excited about, seeing as ive heard so many great things about it, but havent been a lush fan for long enough to have experienced christmas with them.

i went straight to their website, and picked a few things (i normally do this in store, so that i can actually smell everything. except the items werent going in store for another 3 days, and the closest lust store to me is 40 minutes away).

i added the Snow Fairy Shower Gel to my cart automatically, then i also bought Rose Jam Shower Gel, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, and Bombardino Bath Ballistic.

i am a huge fan of rose, and turkish delight scented items, yet ive never been willing to pay $30+ for the turkish delight smoothie product they have, so the rose jam made me very happy.

when my items arrived, i discovered a free sample within my order as well (which i was not expecting!). included, was a sample of Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser, which i soon realised was the exact product that i had recently screenshotted on my phone, to remind myself to buy (what luck!). 

Snow Fairy's ($16.50) scent is very strong, and i at first didnt like it, largely because i couldnt pick what it was. once i read the bottle, and picked up on the pear tones, i fell in love with it. it is very sweet, and also has a beautiful shimmer throughout. however i wont be repurchasing this right away, ill be happy to wait until christmas to grab another one of these.


i bought the candy mountain bubble bar ($6.50), because its scent was described as similar to Snow fairy, and even online i could see the incredible shimmer. i do love the shimmer of this product, however the scent is a bit too sherbetty for my liking, so unless it does something magically in the bath, i dont think i will repurchase this one any time soon.


Lush sold me on the bombardino bath ballistic when they described it as a lemon meringue pie scent. this product disappointed me when it arrived, as its resemblance to lemon meringue, or even lemon in general, is lost on me. the smell is ok, but nothing like i was expecting, plus overall bath ballistics dont impress me, as they dont seem to do a whole lot besides colour the water. however, it was only $5.50 so i dont feel it was a complete waste of money.

the Rose Jam Shower Gel ($16.50) is definitely my favourite item from this order. the smell is exactly what i had hoped for, a gorgeous rose turkish delight scent. the label also hinted me to the rose jam bubbleroon, and the Ro's Argan body conditioner for their matching scents. i have never seen the rose jam bubbleroon in my local lush store, so i will likely be buying that online very soon (probably when i buy more of this shower gel). and i will have a look at the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner next time i am in store.


finally, the free sample of Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser ($free!) is amazing. it smells of caramel popcorn, and although i very rarely clean my face, (naughty, i know!) i look forward to using this cleanser, and who knows, maybe itll motivate me to start a regular face regime..


also with my order, lush included one of their 'Fresh Matters' catalogue books, which i think is fabulous! it includes all of their products with prices and ingredients. it also includes all of their gift sets and a little about their philosophy. this book is a great thing to have to be able to look up everything you need to know!

xx Phoebe

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