Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Week of a Shopaholic: Part 1

First Semester at university has just finished up. I have unsurprisingly spent the first week of my holidays catching up on all the shopping i missed during semester..

although we are only one month into winter, i have already began to start sneaking spring and summer items back into my shopping bags. winter clothes just aren't as fun!

here is just a brief run down of all that i've bought over the past week. (i am trying to make these posts less of a boring list, but i keep buying too much between each one.. so this is another list..)

Online from Cotton On, Typo and Factorie, i picked up:

-cut out mason jar lids for $2.95

- milk bottles for $3.95 each

- Paper pens 4 pack (colour: Craft) for $4.95

- Hello Yellow Wax Highlighter for $2.95

- Paper Flower Embellishments for $4.95

- Paper chains (Colour: Pastel Floral) for $6.95

- Pom Pom Bed Socks (Colour: Charcoal) for $10

- Stirrup opaque tights (colour: Black) for $9.95

- 100 Denier full tights (colour: black) for $7.95

- Butterfly tealight holder (colour: frankie blue) for $9.95

- Photo Socks (colour: daisies) for $6.95

- Buffalo Journal A5 (colour: Sky blue) for $14.95

- Printed Buffalo Journal A5 (colour: Woodgrain) for $16.95

- Lee Snood (colour: dusty aqua) for $14.95

- New Jersey Playdate tank (colour: white) for $14.95

- Baseball Fleck Raglan Tee (colour: boston; white marle/ navy marle sleeve) for $19.95

- Spellbound Playsuit (colour: Tribal Patchwork) for $39.95

- Slipper Dress (colour: sunflower) for $24.95

- Lounge Pant (colour: Black/ White Paisley) for $24.95

So, there is part one of my shopping week. at least 90% of these items were on sale due to the end of financial year. so the prices listed are all before the sale, i dont recall what i actually paid for them all.

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