Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Week of a Shopaholic: Part 2

Continuing on with my uni holiday shopping haul, these items are a mixture of online purchases and purchases from a shopping trip to Erina Fair with my bestfriend..

Online from Blue Moon Boutique, i ordered the Third Eye Beanie for $20. i love this boutique, everything they sell is handmade and very beautiful.

Princess Polly:
My Cousin is getting married in March, and i have already started looking for a dress to wear. i found one i loved from Princess Polly. they then sent me an email announcing their 20% off sale. so i decided to buy the dress in all 3 colours because i loved the style so much. i think i will wear the blue to the wedding..
this is the 'The One Dress' at $55 each (i paid $44 each due to the sale)


On Wednesday, i went to Erina Fair with my best friend, Brie. we met up around 10, and spent 6 hours there! i cant remember the last time i shopped for so long!

First Stop was Target. we headed into the kids section because we both still fit into kids stuff, and its usually cheaper and has different things to the womens section.
I picked up the Material Girl Sparkle Boucle Shorts for $12 (reduced from $25)

next we headed into the make up section, and i headed straight to the NYX stand, from there i grabbed the NYX soft matte lip cream in the colour Tokyo for $12.95

as we were heading towards the checkout, we walked past the sleepwear section, and i saw this gorgeous nightie which i grabbed. the Ladies Chemise for $15, reduced from $30. it is a super soft cotton style fabric, so comfy!

Our Next Stop was Cotton On Body, where i planned to grab another pair of the Pom Pom bed socks, after falling in love with the pair i had just received from online. i picked up a pair of those in cream for $5, and i also bought the Lace body K.I.R bra in cream for $19.95. i didnt really need the bra, but the novelty of finding a non padded bra that actually fits drew me in, plus its absolutely gorgeous!

from there, we headed into Typo because i needed to pick up another book for Uni. when we arrived, the sales assistant told us that the books were 3 for $10, which i naturally went for, as they are usually $7 each.
i got the A4 spinout notebook in boho collage, A5 spinout notebook in teacup bird and the A5 spinout notebook in notes.

as i headed to the register, i noticed the plungers behind the counter which were $5 with any purchase. i had been eyeing off the woodland animals one for about a week online, so i caved and bought 'The Plunger in the style doe a deer'.

We Wandered into Chemist Warehouse where i bought the Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Regenerating Night cream and the Revlon Colourburst Matte balm in Elusive, for $11 and $15 respectively.

Brie had been keeping an eye out for natural face products, so being a Wednesday, i dragged her into lush, so that she could chat to the staff about their fresh face masks (which are delivered fresh on wednesdays) as well as their skin products in general. whilst we were in there, i picked up the Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly ($12.95) and the Floating Island Bath Melt ($8.50).

Next Stop was the Body Shop, because i had finally used up all of my body butters, and was looking to pick up a boy butter, shower gel, and perfume in a matching scent. after sniffing every scent they had, i decided upon strawberry. so i grabbed the Strawberry Body Butter ($27.95), the Strawberry Body Mist ($23.95), and the Strawberry Shower Gel in the limited edition 750ml size ($19.95).

on my seemingly never ending search for a good pair of boyfriend jeans, we went into Factorie next, where i spotted a pair of boyfriend jeans that i tried on (but didnt buy, they were awkward and too dark). but i also spotted some high waisted shorts that were not 'denim underwear' length like they all seem to be at the moment. i tried those on too, and not only were they a decent length, but they were also really comfortable. so i bought them in both colours.. The Stevie Short in Indian Blue and New Bleach, $29.95 each

and that is all that i bought from Erina.
however, that night when i got back to my Boyfriends house, i was just browsing instagram, when i spotted an amazing sunflower print vintage dress that had just been listed by Oh Deer! Boutique.
i immediately went onto their website, hoping it was still available (as there was only one).
to my joy, it was available, and in my size! so i bought it immediately. i am planning to take it up about 5 centimetres however, as it comes to just on my knee, and i feel it is an awkward length, especially with such a busy print on my relatively short frame.
this is the Darla Vintage dress ($65)

and finally, that is all for my Shopping Haul Post. although im sure there will be another one very soon (i already have another parcel on the way.. with boyfriend jeans!)

xx Phoebe

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