Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Black Milk Clothing

back in the day, i used to be unhealthily obsessed with black milk clothing (BMC). i owned over 70 pairs of leggings, and didnt really wear much else. since then, ive sold them all, and rarely wear BMC anymore. however, i still had a list of things i wanted from their website. which i recently bought. so, here are all of my new BMC items...

first up is the cherry blossom black reversible skater dress $85

next we have the rhaegal dragon egg skater skirt $60. this is from their recent collaboration with HBO's game of thrones

the matte pocket leggings $45, yes these have pockets, they fit my monster phone, they are amazing

a whole new world scoop skater dress $95, this dress is from the release collaboration with disney

and finally, the peacock scoop skater dress $85

my wishlist is now much smaller, consisting only of the matte warm grey leggings, and the tale as old as time skater dress

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