Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Collecting Homewares

my collection of homewares for my long term moving out goal has expanded once again, but who's really surprised by that.. i know im not.

first up, we have my first ever purchase from i dont remember where i found out about this website from, but i do know how hesitant i was to buy from them. no one i knew had heard of it, and the fact that it takes 2-3 weeks from the end of the sale for your order to arrive was a definite downside. however, i quickly gave in and gave them some money ($12 to be exact) when this biscuit container graced my ipad screen. the colour was perfect for my kitchen colour scheme, and the scallop detailing was just divine.

and sure enough, 2-3 weeks after i ordered, i received a shipped email, and anxiously awaited receiving my item. I am beyond thrilled with this container, the colour and design are perfect, and the price made the long wait worth it.
i have since ordered another parcel from them, which should hopefully be shipped within the next week.

my local ABC shop recently had a Dr Who promotional day involving dressing up, trivia, guessing games, and cheap merchandise. sadly for them, nobody dressed up (although im not surprised), and happily for me, i found a Dr Who Tardis Mega Mug for $20.

they arent joking when they say 'Mega', this mug is enormous (it fills the whole box), and it was also cheaper than most of the smaller mugs they had, no sure how that was justified though..

whilst in Big W, i found yet another mug (and i dont even drink coffee!), this one has a beautiful lace pattern on it, and it is the nicest shade of pink, plus it was only $6!

in Big W, i also found a bamboo soap dispenser ($13), and a bamboo toothbrush holder ($13). unfortunately they didnt have a matching toilet brush, but the bamboo accessories were enough for now.

it is surprisingly difficult to find bamboo bathroom accessories, ive been looking in every homewares store i see lately, and everywhere has imitation stone, french style ceramic, or simple white. all of which are nice, but i wanted a strong bamboo/ wood feel throughout for a home-y effect.

everytime i have been in priceline recently, i have eyed off these gorgeous grey and yellow floral paisley style jars. the fact that the lids dont actually seal briefly turned me off, but the decorative appeal swayed me into buying these jars. the set of 3 cost $12.95

and finally, Kmart.. naturally. kmart has very quickly become my go to place for homewares. not only do they offer extremely competitive prices, but their range is enormous and very diverse. i can always find something i like in there (probably not a good thing).
this time i was looking for bamboo bathroom accesories, and although i didnt find any, i did find the most gorgeous vase that perfectly matches the house i have designed in my head. it is a little rustic/ countryside, with a little bit of modern as well. this vase looks gorgeous with or without flowers which i consider an essential feature.

i also caved and bought the white rimmed 12 piece dinner set that ive been contemplating for quite a while now. it is a great set of basics, with good size and shape bowls. and it was only $7. thats less than $1 per item!

its great as an everyday set, because no one will care too much if something is broken, because it was so cheap, and because you can buy each of these items individually to replace them.

whenever i am in a homewares shop, i like to keep an eye out in the glassware section. the variety and designs of glasses have so far been underwhelming, and ive struggled to find something simple, yet not too plain that i like.. that is also not too expensive. another dilemma is the fact that i like my glasses tall, whereas my boyfriend likes the shorter style. this set solved all of these problems in one. the glasses are simple, yet with just enough detail that they are not plain, they were very reasonably priced, and they came with short, tall, and medium height glasses. here i present the 24 piece ring design tumbler set. i know that 24 glasses is quite a lot for 2 people, but at $19, im sure we'll manage to get use out of them all.

that is all for my ever growing homewares collection... for know at least. although im fairly sure i have collected all of the basics, and should definitely ease off for a little while.

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