Thursday, 21 August 2014

Just a few more Cosmetics

i feel as though my make up and skincare collection has doubled in the last few months (it really has). ive never really been into make up much, and because i have fairly good skin, ive always been lazy with my skin care regime. i have gotten marginally better as skincare, i manage to cleanse most nights, and ive now got a night cream as well as a day cream. but that about as far as my skin care goes.
make up on the other hand, has progressed much more drastically, im still useless at liquid eyeliner (well all eyeliner in general really), and i still consider daily liquid foundation as too much effort, but ive definitely progressed from my old routine of powder, a swipe of eye shadow per lid, and the occasional lip balm.
most days, i end up with powder foundation, concealer, blush, much more detailed eyeshadow, mascara, and some sort of lip colour. so because of that, my eye shadow and lip colour collections have grown the most.
and without further adieu, here is what ive collected recently..

real techniques expert face brush $20. ive been eyeing these off some often lately, and although they are very expensive, i decided that this one would be a good first.

Manicare eyelash curler $9.50, ive never owned an eyelash curler before. they look a little like a torture instrument to anyone who doesnt know what it is. after buying this, i asked my boyfriend if he knew what it was, he guessed it had to do with eyes, but had no idea that curling your eyelashes was a thing.. good old oblivious boys

The Models prefer eyeshadow palette in nude $13
this is a good starter palette with a nice range of nude colours, it is also a good size and price

Innoxa velvet blush powder in rose and berry $15
these colours are just beautiful, plus i love the simplistic packaging

the rimmel colour rush lip colour in 220 rumour has it $9.80
i love this colour, and the texture is very nice

The Face of Australia blush in the shade O Peachy! $9.50
this blush is beautiful with gold flecks throughout. the pigmentation is surprisingly good, but the colour is definitely what sold me on this

The Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner in blackest black $7. my local priceline recently had a 50% off all maybelline products, so i decided to buy another liquid liner to see if id have any more luck applying this one.. none so far

again during the 50% off maybelline sale, i picked up the fit me concealer in 10 light for $7.50
i already have one of these, i believe in the shade 25. but i find it much too dark, so i decided to grab a lighter one (for winter at least)

the packaging and interest levels of this product sold me. this is the Australis tint my brow in light brown $10

after opening this item, i discovered it comes with a mascara wand style brush and it basically looks like paint, which seemed quite scary. it is fairly easy to apply and i like the look it gives

the rimmel nail express space dust in 006 moon walking $5. this was the first time ive seen this product in australia, and ive been wanting it for a good few months. i think this was on sale, cant remember for sure though

recently i wore a brown eyeliner on my water line, and i liked the look of it much more than the common black, so i decided to grab another brown eyeliner to keep using. this is the Savvy eyeliner in chocolate, and it cost $7

here we have the Revlon colorstay shadow links in candy, copper, and Java. these were $9.95, however unbeknownst to me (until checking my receipt), they were 3 for 2. ive recently noticced the absence of a nice pink shade in my eyeshadow collection, so i was on he lookout for a single eyeshadow (surprisingly difficult to find), then i spotted these. the ability to link them together appealed to my child side, and the mixture of these 3 colours creates the perfect palette for me. i can see myself ending up with most/ all of these eyeshadows

all of the above products were purchased from priceline, the ones below were purchased from big w. so here goes..

first off i bought the Australis pout paste in stripped nude $12
the packaging of this is similar to the brow tint above, however the brush is a lip sponge rather than a mascara wand.. obviously. i feel this colour is too light for me, and the formula is a bit stickier than i prefer

next we have the Australis crazy for colour lips in flamingo $8. these lip crayons that everyone is releasing are a favourite of mine, they seem so much easier to apply. i love the shade of this one

and finally, the Face of Australia lasting looks lip creme in many moons. this one didnt have a barcode on it when i bought it, so i ended up getting it for free! i believe it was around $10. this lip creme is so moisturising and smooth to apply, i absolutely love it! and i love the simple white packaging, it is very classy.

and finally, here are the australis crazy for colour (left), the FOA lip creme (right), and the australis pout paste (bottom)

i hope you've enjoyed this little update to my makeup collection xx

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