Monday, 4 August 2014

Kmart Homewares Haul

recently, ive become over excited with the idea of moving out, even though it is not on the cards for at least a year.
Kmart is great for homewares and general house bits, because they have such a huge range, and they are unbelievably cheap, but also good quality. so over the past few weeks, i have gone a little crazy in kmart. so ive decided to put it all together into one big post.. behold:

homemaker 80 piece kitchen starter set $69
see what i mean about cheap?! $69 for 80 different items for the kitchen, including saucepans and a knife block with knifes!

homemaker 8 piece glass kitchen set $16
soon enough, you will discover my colour scheme is baby blue and charcoal. these jars are black, but i couldnt resist them anyway. hopefully they dont look too out of place!

homemaker 17 piece spice jar set $15
my sister has a spice jar set very similar to this one, the bottles are more of a round ball shape (which i actually prefer), however this was all they had when i was there, and i still very much like it

homemaker push down whisk $1
this whisk is brilliant, you push it up and down and the whisk bit spins around (bad explanation), so that you dont get a sore wrist from flicking it back and forth to whisk

homemaker set of 6 silicone cupcake moulds x2 $2 each
the colours of these drew me in, and i love the idea of being able to reuse them

homemaker apple cutter $2
i saw niomi smart from youtube use one of these the day before i bought this one. when i saw her using it, i thought to myself, wow i want one of those so badly! i had never seen them before and didnt think i ever would, then i spotted one in kmart the next day and bought it immediately

homemaker silicone egg cooker $4
this was so quirky that i decided to buy it before i even knew what it was. ive also told myself that i want to eat more hard boiled eggs, as i think theyre great to put on sandwiches or in salads, so this will make it easier to cook those

grey soup mug x2 $3 each
these mugs are the perfect size for soup, and they are super thick ceramic so they wont be too hot to hold, plus they fit perfectly into my colour scheme

2 tier corner shower caddy $15
i bought this, so that i could have all of my shower gels and samples in the shower together, to give me the opportunity to use a different one each time. however, the grout lines in my shower are perfectly in the way of the suction caps positioning and they therefore dont stay up! (dont worry, i solved this problem with a new product further down!) i still decided to keep these because when i move out, the shower will hopefully have better placed grout lines and i can use it then.

nylon tongs (blue) $2
although there is already a pair of tongs in my kitchen starter set, these ones are blue (my colour scheme) and you always need more than one pair, right?

ice cube tray (grey) $2
this ice cube tray has silicone bits in the bottom of each cube spot, so that you can easily pop the ice out! (how great is that!!)

placemat x 8 (blue) $2 each
these placemats are not only blue and super stylish, but they are enormous! so theres no chance of anything being spilled on the table below

pet blanket $2
my cat spends a good 80% of her day asleep on my bed, so i decided to buy her her very own blanket to put on my bed, so that she can molt all of her fur onto it, not my bed (she loves it already)

coasters pack of 4 x2 (blue) $2 each
these coasters match the placemats, and that was enough for me

paring knife (blue) $2
they had this knife in charcoal as well, but blue was so much more exciting!

white socks pack of 3 $2
these arent homewares, however i bought them from kmart, so im just putting these in anyway

giant ice cube tray (blue) $2
these ice cubes will be enormous! also, the whole tray is silicone, so they will be super easy to pop out

basket large 2 pack $2.25
i bought these baskets to organise my make up into

shower gel (sweet melon) $3
this smells amazing, and the packaging is so cute!

baby lips (rose addict) $3.75
maybelline the falsies (black drama) $9
rimmel kate moss 107 $12.75
australis eyeshadow primer $12.75
kmart also has a cheap cosmetics section, which i visited during my shop
id never seen a tinted baby lips before, so i wanted to check that out
ive been eyeing off the falsies for a while now, since tanya burr (youtube) is always raving about it
i spotted kate moss 107 in zoella's (youtube) vidcon vlogs and thought it was an amazing colour
and the australis primer bottle (which is photographed well here) is a metallic pink which drew me in very easily

ready grow strawberry $4
strawberries are one of my favourite fruits, and ive been eating them alot lately. so the chance to grow some of my own drew me in. ive tried to grow them before, but i always forget to water them. so having this handy container on my windowsill will hopefully be more successful

bamboo placemat x2 $4 each
i plan to use these placemats for the centre of the table to put hot dishes on. i think they will look great with the blue placemats

16 piece cutlery set x2 $4 each
these were simply too cheap to say no to!

7L clip lid box $5
i bought this to store all of my nail polish in, as the bag they are currently in is starting to crumble

bamboo utensil holder $8
i love this so much! not only does it have that beautiful woody smell, it also matches the other pops of bamboo throughout my haul

4 pack tea towels (grey) $8
i originally told myself that i wouldnt buy any linen type stuff until i actually move out, in case it gets moth balls and the like. but these were just exactly what i wanted so i couldnt say no!

blue shorts $8
how comfy do these look!! well they are just as comfortable when theyre on. these will be great for those hot summer days, plus i unsurprisingly love the colour!

laundry powder tin $9
i knew i was going to buy this before i had even walked into kmart. it is so nice and organised that it suited me to a tee

galaxy projector light $10
this was a bit of a novelty buy, just because it looked cool. it is also great for those nights when you just cant get to sleep. turn this on and you feel instantly more relaxed

womens black ankle heeled boot $15
these are such a staple item that i knew i would get plenty of wear out of

twin laundry hamper $15
this is a 2 in 1 laundry hamper, so you can easily separate the lights from the darks!!

heart candle holder x2 $5 each
these will be a great little addition to my future home

rectangular shower shelf x2 $6 each
here is where i solved the problem of the corner caddy, i decided to buy straight shelves instead, and here they are in action

toilet roll holder $7
i love the quirkiness of this!

set of 4 moroccan mugs $7
i was on the search for these for weeks because everywhere had sold out, but alas i found them in the end, and im so glad i did

bandeau bra $8
i bought this without even trying it on, just hoping itd be ok. and OMG this is the most comfortable bra i have ever owned. it is also convertible, so the straps can come off and it actually stays up without them!

relax swing tee (white) $9
this shirt is so comfortable! it is long enough to wear with tights, or you could even wear it on its own to bed

bamboo bowl (white) $10
this was another hard to find item. i found it in black, red, and blue; but not white. im so glad i found it in the end though. it is going to be my fruit bowl

white clock $10
for the last 10 years or so, ive had a personalised 'phoebe' clock with fairies on it which i have very much grown out of. ive been on the look out for a simple yet elegant clock for a while now. until i found this one, however it unfortunately ticks which i dislike

PU woven shell top (khaki/ PU black) $15
this top was an impulse buy and i havent decided if i will actually wear it yet

and finally, the LS lace ins shirt (white) $17
this shirt is a great staple items that i will get plenty of wear out of

phew, so that was quite a lot bigger than i realised. although i think i am more than prepared to move out now.. now to just relocate my job and get a house.. in a years time

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