Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Shopaholic Diaries

ive been quite busy spending my money (and some of the banks) lately. here is a collection of photos which represents that..

from princess polly, i bought the mink pink picking posies dress for $74. i also got reposted on the princess polly instagram with the picture on the right, which was unbelievably exciting!

in the lead up to Christmas 2013, i discovered the american company wondermade. i bought some of their marshmallows for gifts. recently, i remembered them and headed over to their site to see what new flavours they had. there were quite a few new flavours. i bought all that sounded appealing to me, except for strawberry because they were sadly sold out :(

i bought the honey flavour ($7.95), the summer flavour pack ($28) which included lemonade, orangesicle, pina colada and key lime pie, and the back to school set ($28) which included banana, grape jelly, peanut butter, and apple cinammon. these only arrived today, and so far ive tried the honey, grape jelly, and banana. with honey being a definite winner for my favourite so far.

from ebay, i bought a rainbow silicone keyboard cover for macbook ($6). although i dont actually have a macbook, i am planning to save up and buy one soon (once i pay off my credit card and save up for some new car tyres).

also from ebay, i bought the OPI glitter off peelable base coat ($8), OPI start to finish original ($7), OPI brazil (where did suzi's Man-Go?) ($6.50), and OPI coca-cola (sorry im fizzy today) ($6.50). i am very pleased with all of these. the two colours are both exactly as id imagined, as well as being rather opaque after just one coat. ive had the start to finish before, and love using it. whilst ive never used glitter off before, i really hope it works because removing glitter nail polish is the worst thing ever!



next i hopped online over at
this is where i picked up the godmother soap (after finding out it smells like snow fairy) $6.50, american cream conditioner $23.50, curly wurly shampoo $22.50, rub rub rub shower scrub $12.95. i also received a free sample of the hottie massage bar



in the ABC shop, i got a Dr Who tardis necklace $15, 3d glow in the dark planets $10, and the life series (ages 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9).

from Rubi, i picked up the coin purse in heritage blue for $5, and the hunter chain crossbody bag in heritage blue for $20

from target, i finally tracked down an anatomicals the seven deadly skins melon body scrub $8, and the nivea lip butter in caramel cream for $5.20

and finally, whilst in typo, i picked up the 2015 A5 WTO (week to an opening) buffalo journal in blush for $17.
2015 is still quite a while off but i decided to start getting organised early



  1. Hi! Would you mind posting a review/overview of the pages of the 2015 planner from Typo? Would mean a lot if you do, thanks! xx

    1. hi, thanks for your comment. i am just about to post up an overview of the contents for you :)