Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bits and Bobs

i have finally slowed down on my online shopping frequency (which my credit card is very happy about). i do however still have two parcels to arrive, but they are both small things.

this post is just a quick summary of the things which have recently arrived, a few homewares, some make up, and a few ebay purchases

first up, the homewares!
i bought these from
i love this site, as it brings together lots of different things within all price ranges. the only downside is the 2-3 week wait for your item. i get impatient easily, however so far, every time something arrives, i love it just as much as when i bought it. and it feels more like a gift, because you almost forget that youve bought it at all.
both of these items are by Artique.
first, is the day dreamer platter $11.95
this platter has some pretty birds on it, and the colours are beautiful. i can see myself using this for a fruit platter, or even to put bbq'd items on.
it also came in a lovely matching box

next up, i bought more mugs.. which i dont need, but they are absolutely beautiful!

they also kind of match my bedspread. my favourite one is the purple one

these are the Baroque Mugs, and the set cost $17.50

that is all for the homewares, next up i headed onto ebay and bought out my entire watch list (some of which i have already posted about)

i bought a new laptop bag for $10.80 (from the seller: colorful_bags) the colours on this are so much more vibrant than i was expecting! very happy with this

this is for my new macbook pro (which is still a long way off)

i also bought the Revlon colorstay moisture stains in Rio Rush, and Barcelona Nights for $8 and $9 respectively (seller: fortuitous-finds)
these are not in australia yet, so i had to buy them online. the colours are much more similar to each other than i expected. and Rio Rush is my favourite of the two
  (L-R Rio Rush, Barcelona Nights)

and lastly, i bought the OPI dripdry lacquer polish drying drops $6 (from seller: worldmart-us)

and that is all for now. i am currently saving up for lots of boring adult things, so unfortunately, i cannot shop as much as id like to.. x

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