Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Home Haul

3 weeks after i ordered them (the wait time always kills me!), my items from arrived. i only bought two things (i feel so proud of my self-restraint) this time. i bought a set of 6 mason jars for $15

they are essentially the same as all of the ones you can pick up from local shops, however these boasted of dishwasher safety, and the ability to put hot liquids in them, which i havent seen elsewhere

i also bought the Louisiana Glass beverage dispenser (8L) for $30. there were a few different styles of these to choose from. this one wasnt my favourite, but the large size won me over. i am planning to use this at my 21st party, although i havent decided if it is going to hold non-alcoholic pink lemonade, or alcoholic sex on the beach cocktail..

a nice quick post for today, i will be putting up a halloween/ christmas lush haul tomorrow!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Life at 21: one

(Disclaimer: not 21 yet)
when i turn 21, and for the year that follows, i am going to keep a journal. i have bought, and set up that journal. and here is a look for you

this post is only small, i know. but it may (or may not be) the beginning of a series throughout my year being 21

Review: Vistaprint

I am currently in the process of planning my 21st birthday. and first on the list was invitations!
i decided i wanted to design them, and have them printed and sent to me. after searching around, i found vista print.

their prices were good, the website setup was simple, so away i went.
after designing and ordering my invites, i waited anxiously worrying that they would turn out badly, or not at all.

the invites arrived quickly, and the quality was incredible

overall, i am very pleased with the result, and will be sure to recommend vistaprint to anyone who asks!

Spring Outfits

Jacket: Princess Polly
Shirt: Factorie
Skirt: Mink Pink
Shoes: Rubi

Playsuit: Factorie

Shirt: Cotton On
Pants: Billabong
Shoes: Rubi
Bag: Rusty

Dress: Glassons
Boots: Rubi
Necklaces: The Nomadic Society

Shirt: Ally
Skirt: Rivers

Shirt: Cotton On
Pants: Valleygirl

just a few of the outfits i have been wearing over the past month. as soon as spring hits, i pull out the florals, and the floaty fabrics.

Book: Texas - Bella Johnson

I first became hooked on the wolfstate chronicles series through wattpad. I stumbled upon alaska during its writing process and fell in love with the characters, and the writing style. Next came Texas, before the Author, Bella Johnson, chose to stop using wattpad and continue her stories through a mailing list on her website. Alaska, and Texas have now both been published. and i have recently received Texas (i already have alaska).
i bought Alaska, and Texas from Amazon
i chose the paperback versions, because i have decided to slowly build by book collection up with novels that i adore. they are also available as ebooks

Next up in the series is Maine, and i cant wait for Bella to start writing it!

Ovi Hydration

recently I filled out a survey for a chance to win some samples of an exciting new drink. shortly after, i received an email informing me that i had won, and a box of this new product would soon be arriving..

the box arrived a few days ago, and inside were 12 full sized bottles of the new product to test.

Ovi Hydration comes in 3 flavours: Berry, Peach, and Citrus..

not only did i receive the products, 9/12 of the bottles came with tags for friends to try out this product, and for them to enter to win a $1000 westfield gift card!!

so, not only do i have a whole bunch of this (AMAZING) drink to share, i also have the chance to win more on behalf of this company.

the drink tastes of a mixture between flavoured water and iced tea, and is low in calories (yet still fairly high in sugar). and i am already becoming quickly hooked.

i havent chosen a favourite yet, but i am leaning towards citrus currently..

this was a great unique way to launch a product, and its advertising campaign, and for that, i hope it succeeds.

October Arrives, Shopping Continues

Today, i once again went shopping (i swear i do other things as well!)
and this post is here to share with you what i picked up..

From Temt, i bought this Orange printed dress for $20

From Valleygirl..
I picked up this cream daisy bag for $20

Flower headband $7

Striped Sunflower Crop $15

And From Cotton on Body, i bought two swimmer tops. the frill tank in BB black, and seafoam. these were $20 each or 2 for $30

and that is all i bought today, quite tame compared to some of my other shopping expeditions

Shopping Chronicles

As I continue to prepare for summer, my shopping habit has returned. which makes my wardrobe happy, but my savings account quite the opposite..
here are some things i have recently purchased in preparation for summer (mostly)

from Kmart i bought a new Maybelline Baby lips, in the scent Lychee Addict for $3.75

From Coles, i picked up some new face moisturisers. i grabbbed the Nivea rich moisturising day cream for dry/ sensitive skin, and the Nivea regenerating night cream (also for dry/ sensitive skin). these were $10 each

Online from Cotton On I bought...

Rubi Drink Bottle (Magenta Paisley) $5

Paper Straws in Frankie Floral, and Confetti $7 each

Fiesta Coin Purse (Black Pom Pom) $7

Printed Milk Bottle (White Lace) $5

Half Moon Pendant Necklace (Antique) $13

DIY album kit 12x12 (Vintage floral) $35
this kit features the album, scrapbooking paper, photo corners, and stickers


On a roll tape (vintage floral) $8

Monday Strappy Swing Dress (indigo navy) $10

From Typo I Bought..

Address Book (Paris) $10

Alphabet Sticker Book (vintage floral) $10

Online From Tobi, i bought..

Somedays Lovin Tambourine Lace Crop Top $36

Mesmerise Top $32

From Princess Polly, i bought 'The Sloane Society' Lost in Love Dress (white) $56

From The Nomadic Store, i bought the Saturn Choker $19, and the Rose Quartz Point Choker $28

From Factorie, i bought the Knightsbridge shorts in Island ikat/ indigo, and in Polka daisy/ indigo. these were $19.95 each, or 2 for $30

From Jay Jays, i bought the button through swing playsuit in dreamy mid floral, and in tan diamonds. these were $35 each, or 2 for $60

i also bought the elephant muscle tee, and the yin yang peace tee. these were $15 each, or 2 for $25

and that is all for this haul, as you can see, i have bought a lot of summer clothing already. now lets wait and see how strong my self control is as to whether i continue to buy it in excess