Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ovi Hydration

recently I filled out a survey for a chance to win some samples of an exciting new drink. shortly after, i received an email informing me that i had won, and a box of this new product would soon be arriving..

the box arrived a few days ago, and inside were 12 full sized bottles of the new product to test.

Ovi Hydration comes in 3 flavours: Berry, Peach, and Citrus..

not only did i receive the products, 9/12 of the bottles came with tags for friends to try out this product, and for them to enter to win a $1000 westfield gift card!!

so, not only do i have a whole bunch of this (AMAZING) drink to share, i also have the chance to win more on behalf of this company.

the drink tastes of a mixture between flavoured water and iced tea, and is low in calories (yet still fairly high in sugar). and i am already becoming quickly hooked.

i havent chosen a favourite yet, but i am leaning towards citrus currently..

this was a great unique way to launch a product, and its advertising campaign, and for that, i hope it succeeds.

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