Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Home Haul

3 weeks after i ordered them (the wait time always kills me!), my items from arrived. i only bought two things (i feel so proud of my self-restraint) this time. i bought a set of 6 mason jars for $15

they are essentially the same as all of the ones you can pick up from local shops, however these boasted of dishwasher safety, and the ability to put hot liquids in them, which i havent seen elsewhere

i also bought the Louisiana Glass beverage dispenser (8L) for $30. there were a few different styles of these to choose from. this one wasnt my favourite, but the large size won me over. i am planning to use this at my 21st party, although i havent decided if it is going to hold non-alcoholic pink lemonade, or alcoholic sex on the beach cocktail..

a nice quick post for today, i will be putting up a halloween/ christmas lush haul tomorrow!

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