Friday, 28 November 2014

Requested: an Overview of the contents of the Typo 2015 planner

a reader has requested that i post an overview of the pages that are included within the typo 2015 planner, so here goes..

first up is just a reminder of what my typo planner looks like

this is the A5 buffalo week to an opening planner in blush, it is $16.95 from typo

when you open the planner, there is:
- a page for personal information (including address, blood group, emergency contact, and important telephone numbers)
- a year to an opening planner
- reference calendars for 2014, 2015 and 2016
- a list of the australian and worldwide public holidays
- 2 pages for contacts
- conversions (weight, length, volume, temperature, speed and clothing)
- birthstones, wedding anniversaries, astrology, and chinese zodiac

then we come to the calendar section of the planner. at the beginning of each month, there is a monthly view planner

and then there is the week to an opening pages for that month

this is repeated from january though to december

at the end of december there is a few blank notes pages.

and finally, on the inside of the back cover, there is an expandable sleeve that you can use to store things such as receipts, paper, and even a pen

i hope this is useful for the particular reader who requested this, and to anyone else who may have been curious :)

xo phoebe

Sunday, 23 November 2014

once a shopaholic, always a shopaholic

yep, you heard it here first, im still a shopaholic (shock horror). the way i see it though, is that the more i buy now, the less tempted i will be to buy things next year, when i hopefully move out and have more adult responsibilities to spend my money on instead (not sure on that logic, but heres hoping).

first up, we have a few things from boohoo

this is the Ruby 90's grunge style button front maxi skirt in nude $24
this skirt is a great basic addition to my wardrobe

i also bought the same skirt in black, because my old black maxi skirt was ruined in the wash, and everyone needs one of these in their wardrobe

this is the philippa floral print chiffon skirt $12

i love floral skater skirts, and i love them even more when theyre $12!

next up is princess polly, because what clothing haul of mine would be complete without some princess polly in it?
this is the sunset maxi skirt $50. it is so beautifully bright and colourful, that i couldnt say no. it also has pockets, which is the best feature in a skirt.

whilst in target, i spotted a great basic black maxi skirt, and even though the boohoo one had just arrived, i bought it anyway, this was $30

it also has pockets.

they had this skirt in a silky fabric in black, navy, and orange, which i had to restrain myself from buying, because they were so beautiful, but i dont have enough room in my wardrobe, or days in my life to wear everything i want to.

next we have some jewellry from lovisa.

this is a beautiful matte aqua filigree statement necklace $15

as much as i love statement necklaces, i dont really own any, as they are usually $30+ and i like to have lots of cheaper jewellry, rather than fewer more expensive items.

but this necklace is not only beautiful and cheap, it is also a statement piece, and it goes wonderfully with the princess polly skirt above.

also from lovisa, is the black floral handlet. this is a bracelet/ ring hybrid piece. these are very bohemian and very beautiful. this one was $15, and it is just perfect.

another order from boohoo has also arrived, and in this order is the phoebe racer front sleeveless maxi dress $20 (again).
after falling in love with the first one, i decided i wanted a mini length version of this dress as well, however boohoo did not have any that suited, so i bought another of the maxi's which i intend to alter into a mini

i also bought the mackenzie racer front jersey bodycon dress $20
this was the closest that boohoo had to the maxi dress, however it was not available in the charcoal colour, so i bought it in navy instead

from cotton on body, i bought 4 bralettes. these are the flirty lace bra in summer red, BB black, BB cream, and french navy $15 each,

a few days later, i went into cotton on body again, and i bought another of the flirty lace bras, this one is in the colour vista blue $15

i also bought some pyjamas from cotton on body.

this is the rib tank in french navy $15

and these are the satin tie sassy #1 in french navy stripe $20

next i went to Big W, where i bought more pyjamas..

i bought this grey knit chemise for $15

i love this because it has padding in the top section, which means that it will actually stay in place rather than gape like most v neck style nighties do

i also spotted the new Australis Bronzeyed girl eyeshadow palette $9.75 when i was in Big W, and i bought it as well


finally, i went to Factorie, and bought some more Knightsbridge shorts $20 each or 2 for $30

these are in black

and these are in boheme/ brights

that is all of my latest shopping purchases, i am definitely ready for summer now.

xo phoebe

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Priceline's 40% off sale

over the past 2 days, priceline has been having a 40% off all cosmetics sale. now at first i told myself that i wouldnt be sucked in, as cosmetics are not essential. but unsurprisingly, being the shopaholic that i am, i ended up going to 2 different priceline stores across the 2 days.. and i bought quite a lot. so here we go..

first up, is the Schwarzkopf live colour silver toner $4.80, this was the only thing that i bought that was not on sale, but i wanted it anyway, and it is cheap even at full price

this is the l'oreal nude magique BB blush $13.77.
this product is basically magic, it comes out as a clear gel, and then you rub it onto your skin where it changes to a pink shade that is the ideal pink for your skin (supposedly), i have often eyed this off when i am in priceline, but the usual price (over $20) always turns me off.

this is the rimmel stay matte primer $8.37
i love the pressed powder from the stay matter range, and i am a major matte face fan, so naturally i had to try this out

below, is the models prefer mineral blush soft touch in the shade winters end $7.79
this blush is so beautiful, it is a very light pink, so it is very subtle,, especially on my skin tone


i also bought some more revlon colorstay shadowlinks, these eyeshadows are amazing. the colours are lovely and pigmented, and their ability to clip and unclip to each other is just so handy. i bought the colours moss, plum, and petal. and these were $5.97 each


seeing as i love the translucent version of this, i decided to go back and buy a coloured one as well. this is the rimmel stay matte powder in 004 sandstorm $7.77

i have heard a lot of people talk about this product, the rimmel wonder'full mascara $10.77, which contains argan oil to promote growth in your lashes (which im not sure i believe), however, this mascara itself is truly wonderful. it creates great length and is not clumpy at all

this is the models prefer infinite colour eye pencil in brown suede $6. i already own another of these pencils in bronze ambition, and i love it to pieces. seeing as black eyeliner does not suit me at all, i decided to go for the brown as a slightly more dramatic version from the bronze

this is the savvy trio eyeshadow in dusty pink $2.99.
i wasnt sure how good this would be as savvy is one of those hit or miss brands, but the price convinced me that i may as well give it a go. these colours are lovely neutrals, perfect for everyday wear

this is the revlon super lustrous lipstick in cherries in the snow $13.17
i always look at the revlon lipsticks when i am in priceline, but at their usual cost, it is hard to justify buying them, especially if it is in a bright colour like the one i chose here. this lipstick is so creamy and pigmented, and although the colour is quite bold, i can definitely see myself getting plenty of wear out of it.

i also picked up a lipstick by savvy. this is the savvy lipstick in pretty pink $3. it is one of those classic nude 'your lips but better' shades, and is quite a lot better than i expected.

i love the rimmel 60 seconds range of nail polishes, the brush for these is a flat brush which makes it so much quicker and easier to apply, and all of the shades are thick opaque shades, which need 1-2 coats for pefect coverage. this nail polish is 504 district-ly come dancing and it was $4.77

whenever priceline has a cosmetics sale, i always make sure i pick up a new one of these, this is the australis pressed powder in natural $7.17. this is my holy grail of pressed powders, i use it everyday, 90% of the time, on its own. i rarely wear liquid foundation, as i hate the feel of it, and this powder has high enough coverage that i dont really need to

next up is the australis velourlips matte lipcream in HO-CHEE-MIN $5.97
to me, this range seems like a dupe for the lime crime velveteens range. they are matte lipcreams which come out liquid and dry like velvet/ velour on your lips. the colours are very pigmented and opaque, and because they are matte, they are long lasting too.


on the second day of the sale, i returned and picked up a few more items, as follows...

i bought another revlon colorstay shadowlink, this one is charcoal, and it has been on my to buy list for a while now, but it was sold out yesterday. this was $5.97 and is and incredible versatile matte shade

i also bought the rimmel natural bronzer in sun kissed $9.57
i am forever looking for a matte bronzer that is also not too orange and not too dark. and i believe i have finally found one. although it is not advertised as matte, i cant see any shimmer within the bronzer, so if there is some, it must be very subtle..

and last, but most certainly not least, is the rimmel lipstick in firecracker $5.97
this colour is absolutely amazing, it is just pink enough that it stands out, but subtle enough that i feel i could wear it everyday. this has already become my holy grail of lip colours.


and finally, here is just a quick selfie of the make up look i wore today using some of these products.
my eyeshadow is the savvy trio palette
my blush is the models prefer blush
my mascars is the rimmel wonder'full
i used the brown eyeliner on my outer waterline
and the savvy lipstick on my lips

thanks to anyone who made it all the way to the bottom, xo phoebe