Sunday, 16 November 2014

just the usual clothing haul

over the past week, ive had a lot of spare time as uni holidays are finally sinking in, so i ended up spending a lot of time online shopping, and although it hasnt all arrived yet, i am going to show you what has..

from cotton on, i bought the 'the deep v' in susie stripe white/ indigo navy, this was on sale for $5, and i do have one quite similar, but these are the MOST flattering t shirts i have ever come across, so when i saw the price i knew i had to get one

i also bought the taylor bag in daisy for $40.
i have been eyeing off this bag for close to a year now, originally in the tan, then frankie blue, and recently the tan patterned one, and finally this daisy print. the daisies finally sold me, and this is going to be my uni bag next year. although it clashes with about 95% of my wardrobe, because i love patterns and florals in particular, but who really cares, when you have a blue floral satchel??

and finally, i bought a tote bag (which i was planning to use as a beach bag, but im not sure how well sequins and the beach work together).

this is the like a diamond canvas bag in cream, which was $20

next i went onto the boohoo website, and bought two things

this is the phoebe racer front sleeveless maxi dress in charcoal which was $20

yes, the fact that this dress has the same name as me was about 70% of the reason why i bought it..
ive never owned a bodycon style maxi dress, as ive never been that confident in my body to have fabric clinging to every part of it. but i decided it would be a good basic to have (and its named after me, so it was clearly made for me). however when this arrived, and i tried it on.. it is so flattering! even though it clings to every curve, lump, and bump, i love how it looks and its a great comfortable dress to just throw on with some sandals.

the second item i bought from boohoo is the zofia embroidered tassel boxy kimono for $24

i love the length of this kimono, its surprisingly difficult to find waist length kimonos. and the tassels hang from the arms as well as the bottom, which was another selling point.
the embroidered detail on this kimono is so detailed and is of very high quality. this kimono also looks very nice over the top of the maxi dress above, to jazz it up a little.

i only bought one item from dissh, but it is an amazing item at that..

this is the yasmin open shoulder dress for $45
the sleeves have a beautiful lace detail in them, and the back is a low back with a cross over detail above.

this dress is the perfect addition to any bohemian wardrobe, and i am very happy that it has made its way into mine

lastly, we have princess polly. this website is my weakness (which is unfortunate as it is a bit on the expensive side)
i had a voucher from my birthday to spend, so i went onto their new arrivals and found an excessive amount of things i wanted to buy, as well as some other things i had wanted for a little while.

first up we have the silver wishes dress $45

this was the dress that i wanted to wear for my 21st party, however it unfortunately was still out of stock up until the party. i still bought it when it came back into stock anyway.

this cut of dress is ideal for my body shape, and the pattern is very me. i also love the high neck detail and the keyhole detail at the front of the dress

this is the nautical nancy dress $55

i have had my eye on this dress for a few weeks, when i finally caved and bought it. it has plait detail straps and it an incredibly soft and floaty fabric. this dress is perfect for summer as it is super comfy

this is the sweet side dress $55

this dress features a high neck with spaghetti style straps.
the back of the dress is open and the straps lace up to create a corset style back.

yet another floral dress to add to my wardrobe, this one can be dressed up or down, so it is very versatile.

stop looking everyone! i have found the perfect LBD.

this is the astronomy dress $55
it is made of a thick, almost scuba fabric, and it features a low cut v neck front to show of your cleavage (if you have any, unlike me).

this dress is super comfy! yet stills looks amazing

this is the hello sailor playsuit $40

this playsuit is amazing! it is comfortable enough to be pyjamas, yet it features a high neck, and a flattering cut that makes you look stylish, whilst being in a world of comfort.
i sized up in this to avoid any tightness around the hips and bum, and i am glad i did. so if you have any amount of booty, i suggest doing the same.

i finally got around to buying the Lime Crime Babette lipstick $25
this is a beautiful nude with a tiny hint of salmon to it. it has a matte finish and smells like vanilla


and finally, the shanghai suzy miss amy lisptick $13
this is a beautiful baby pink matte lipstick, that smells like grape hubba bubba!
shanghai suzy lipsticks have great staying power and are very pigmented!


thats all for this haul, the rest of the items i have bought recently including more from boohoo, prinsess polly, and cotton on, should be up in the next week (once they all arrive)

xx phoebe

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