Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Life at 21: two

i had all these great intentions to take photographs leading up to my 21st party, so that i could share all the baking and decorating that i did, however i am the worst at photographing memories, and therefore, have zero photos of it.

this post is a collection of 21st related photos that i do have.. enjoy

here are the lanterns that i bought to hang in a disco ball style location for my party, they are from typo ad were $15


these are the fairy lights i bought from bunnings ($30 for the purle, and $50 for the white), that i used to decorate our pergola and alfresco area roof thing.. they worked great on the night and looked very magical

and finally, this is the outfit i wore to my 21st birthday dinner in newcastle with my boyfriend and family (i did wear shoes..)

my aim throughout this year of being 21 is to get better at documenting moments with photographs.. wish me luck!


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