Friday, 28 November 2014

Requested: an Overview of the contents of the Typo 2015 planner

a reader has requested that i post an overview of the pages that are included within the typo 2015 planner, so here goes..

first up is just a reminder of what my typo planner looks like

this is the A5 buffalo week to an opening planner in blush, it is $16.95 from typo

when you open the planner, there is:
- a page for personal information (including address, blood group, emergency contact, and important telephone numbers)
- a year to an opening planner
- reference calendars for 2014, 2015 and 2016
- a list of the australian and worldwide public holidays
- 2 pages for contacts
- conversions (weight, length, volume, temperature, speed and clothing)
- birthstones, wedding anniversaries, astrology, and chinese zodiac

then we come to the calendar section of the planner. at the beginning of each month, there is a monthly view planner

and then there is the week to an opening pages for that month

this is repeated from january though to december

at the end of december there is a few blank notes pages.

and finally, on the inside of the back cover, there is an expandable sleeve that you can use to store things such as receipts, paper, and even a pen

i hope this is useful for the particular reader who requested this, and to anyone else who may have been curious :)

xo phoebe

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