Monday, 8 December 2014

kitchen home haul

i have been onto website again recently, and i picked up some more homewares, all of which are for the kitchen.

first up, is the ecoware mortar and pestle $10

i love the 'grind' embossed on this. it is simple yet quirky

next up is the ecoware pasta canister with bamboo lid $10. I bought 2 of these. these also feature an embossed detail, which says pasta.

next, we have the set of 4 hello sunshine stackable mugs $13

these fit perfectly into my kitchen colour scheme, and they are so happy and uplifting. the perfect thing to see in the mornings

and finally, is the set of 3 Byron canisters $27

these are the most beautiful tea/coffee/sugar canisters that i have ever seen. i love the shape, and the font of the words, and the bamboo lids.

they match the pasta canisters wonderfully and will look beautiful in my future kitchen

this is probably the smallest homewares haul i have ever done, but i am running out of room to store all of these homewares until i move out, so i am trying to restrain from buying enough for an entire house

xo phoebe

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