Sunday, 25 January 2015

2015 - The Year Of Positivity

As a naturally quite anxious and over analysing person, I regularly find myself wallowing in the negative parts of life. My main goal for 2015, is to stop doing this.

I am going to focus on the positives in every situation, and instead of stressing about undesirable situations, I am going to try my hardest to turn them around into positive situations (when possible).

Something that I regularly stress about is money. As I am sure you are all aware, I like to shop! which is good and bad.. shopping calms me down and makes me feel happy, especially when I find new and interesting places to shop, and quirky items to include into my life. However, I am very good at shopping above my income, which cause me to stress, which then causes me to shop some more to try and calm myself down.

This leads me to another of my 2015 goals: don't spend above my income/ stay out of debt and build some comfort savings.

Seeing as I would ultimately like to move out of home, and into a home with my boyfriend this year, preferably during june-july, I need to knuckle down on this goal. I intend to make this a reality by finding a higher income job, buying more basic items that I can mix into lots of different styles (to try and stop me from wanting to buy so many things - clothes especially!), and trying really hard to create a realistic and reasonable savings plan so that I can end the year with money in the bank!

Although I have already managed to make this goal harder this year, by applying for a loan from the bank, being approved for said loan, and proceeding to buy myself a new, very expensive laptop (eek!), I am positive that I can ease up on the unnecessary shopping, and work towards paying off my debts, and savings up from a rental bond, and all of the other money needed for moving out of home.

One more thing I am determined to do this year, is to try my hardest at university. over the past three years, I have been simply putting in minimal effort and just easing through my degree, and because i did not fail anything, I felt no motivation to change this. However, this year marks the beginning of a new degree, Nursing. Which I am expecting to be more intensive and challenging than Teaching was.  Although, this means I will probably have less spare time in which to work and earn money for the previous goal, I need to stay confident that I can do it. I see so many people at uni who are successfully living out of home on minimal time and money, that I am sure I will be able to do it as well.

So all in all, that about sums up my main goals for 2015. The next step is to figure out how to achieve them without sacrificing my happiness or any relationships with people I care about!

xo Phoebe.

p.s., If there is anyone reading this, I would love to know what your goals are for 2015, and how you plan to achieve them :)

And p.p.s. I just realised that I have had this blog for over a year! crazy how time flies!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Bit Of A Life Update..

i intend to do a more detailed life update soon, once i have descrambled by head and found the answers to a few things, for now, there is just a small update/ a few photos that i wanted to share.

first up, if my impromptu home job haircut, that i am loving (for when i actually bother to style it, otherwise i hate it just as much as i usually hate my unstyled hair)
here is a before and after for comparison

i am still unsure on what to do in terms of colouring. my current thought is to dye it back to my natural colour (a dark ash blonde/ light brown), because as much as i love having blonde hair, getting the red tones out is proving to be very difficult with foils alone. thoughts?

also, just a quick photo of my wrapping of my boyfriends recent birthday presents, simply because im very proud of how professional my wrapping looks..

and one more small update, recently my sister and her boyfriend got a new puppy! this is poncho, she is a chihuahua, and is very very cute

so thats all for this little update, hope everyone is doing well, xo phoebe

What I Got For Christmas 2014

first off, as everyone says, this is not to brag, just to share what i was gifted from my loved ones. if you don't like these kind of posts, simply don't read it, but i personally enjoy seeing what everyone has received, so here goes..

Girl Online - Zoe Sugg

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves (Bronze)

Havana Beach Mat

Floral Organiser Set

a late birthday present - Kardashian Kollection bag

Watermelon Print Notebook

Miss Shop Very Berry Body Creme

Cupcake Printed 2 Tier Cake Stand

Purple Turkish Cotton Beach Towel/ Mat

Cotton On Body Navy Dressing Gown

Factorie B&W striped maxi dress

Nurse Kit

Black Havaianas

Grendha Sandals

Paisley Print Beach Bag

the savvy nourishment collection

T2 just rose, and strawberries & cream teas

T2 mesh ball and mesh tong infuser

OPI neon set, containing: juice bar hopping, life gave me lemons, you are so outta lime, push & pur-pull, hotter than you pink, down to the core-al

OPI turn up the juice, containing: avojuice jasmine juicie, avojuice coconut melon juicie, avojuice mango juicie, avojuice cran & berry juicie, avojuice violet orchid juicie, avojuice apple pie spice juicie

OPI mariah the look, containing: my favorite ornament, visions of love, i snow you love me

Crofton knife set

white and blue towel set


Biscuit & Slice Bible

models prefer magic multi-purpose eye pencil (silk)

l'oreal colour riche moisture matte lipstick (cherry crush)

revlon colorstay shadowlinks (greige)

revlon colorstay gel envy (check mate)

so that sums up all that i received for christmas, i had a lovely christmas, and i hope everyone else did too

xo phoebe

Huge Everything Haul

ive been pretty slack at uploading lately, so to make up for it, im going to combine everything into one big haul, so that i am all caught up to date.

first up, is priceline. currently one of my favourite stores, i rarely come out empty handed..

priceline had a 3 for 2 sale on real techniques brushes, so i picked up a few that i wanted.

firstly, the real techniques your eyes starter set $40

the real techniques powder brush $25

and, the real techniques blush brush $22

i also picked up the garnier micellar cleansing water $12

l'oreal casting sunkiss jelly $13

schwarzkopf live colour silver toner $3

from QBD, i bought: The Girl In Times Square by Paullina Simons $10

from City Beach, i bought a new handbag. the Rusty Brocade Handbag $50

from the Dairy, i bought a custom iphone 6 case $34

from Princess Polly, i bought my christmas outfits..

the summer breeze dress $75

the make believe set $90

and the smoking gun choker $9

Homeart Dressing Table with mirror $170

from Valley Girl..

rose printed kimono $10

inka inspired statement necklace $5

white t-shirt dress $10

blue t-shirt dress $10

from cotton on, the ivy throw kimono (pretty border) $30

from Myer, miss shop cap sleeve floral skater dress $40

from Kmart, clear cup with straw $3

from Target
the Ginza LED clip lamp $25

The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern $19

From Coles
herbal essences naked shine shampoo & conditioner

Garnier moisture match illuminating light lotion

from Spendless Shoes, Penny Heels in White $50

thats all for this haul, my next post will be my 'What i got from christmas 2014'

xo phoebe