Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Bit Of A Life Update..

i intend to do a more detailed life update soon, once i have descrambled by head and found the answers to a few things, for now, there is just a small update/ a few photos that i wanted to share.

first up, if my impromptu home job haircut, that i am loving (for when i actually bother to style it, otherwise i hate it just as much as i usually hate my unstyled hair)
here is a before and after for comparison

i am still unsure on what to do in terms of colouring. my current thought is to dye it back to my natural colour (a dark ash blonde/ light brown), because as much as i love having blonde hair, getting the red tones out is proving to be very difficult with foils alone. thoughts?

also, just a quick photo of my wrapping of my boyfriends recent birthday presents, simply because im very proud of how professional my wrapping looks..

and one more small update, recently my sister and her boyfriend got a new puppy! this is poncho, she is a chihuahua, and is very very cute

so thats all for this little update, hope everyone is doing well, xo phoebe

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