Sunday, 13 December 2015

I Will Be Back Soon.. I Promise

Hello to anyone who is still out there.
first of all, an apology to all for how slack i have been with this blog. it has been almost a year since i last updated, even though i have written 'update blog' on every single to-do list that i have written.

my life has been a big mess of ups and downs this year, and i have struggled to stay afloat, which has therefore resulted in a lack of time, energy, and motivation to update this blog.

i intend to return ASAP, with a whole lot of haul posts to catch you all up on what i have bought this year, as well as a major life update, as i have made a few big changes that i would like to share.

so, to anyone who may read this. thanks for your patience, and i will definitely be back soon!!

Phoebe xx