Sunday, 29 January 2017

Rimmel x Kate Moss 15th Anniversary Lipstick Collection

The Rimmel x Kate Moss 15th anniversary lipstick collection was released last year. The collection includes 3 red lipsticks and 3 nude lipsticks. They all have a story of what moment they remind Kate of in her life, and they are all beautiful. Naturally, I bought all of them. I was especially enabled by the 3 for 2 sale priceline were having at the time, as well as by the beautiful rose gold packaging. So here is a look at them all!

51 Muse Red
52 Idol Red
53 Retro Red
54 Rock n Roll Nude
55 My Nude
56 Boho Nude

Top to bottom: muse red, idol red, 
retro red, rock n roll nude,
my nude, boho nude

My favourites are 55 My Nude and 56 Boho Nude.

xx Phoebe

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