Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Kikki K Planner 2017

In order to be as organised as possible, I decided I needed to up my planner game and go all out! I received the planner itself for my birthday and I bought myself all of the accessories (some more necessary than others)

Black medium planner

Medium colouring in dividers $4

Planner dashboard kit (thrive) $15
the planner dashboard kit includes tape, stickers, a pocket, paper clips, quote cards, a clear plastic zip pocket, mini whiteboard page, and a ruler/ bookmark

Adhesive notepad (heart thrive) $5

Mini weekly planner pad (cute) $7

Metal roller ball pen (copper) $20

2017 time planner refill (cute) $13

sticker book (sweet) $20

typo copper glitter pen

and here are some photos of how I have decorated the dividers so far.

thanks for reading
xx Phoebe

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