Sunday, 5 February 2017

My Colourpop Collection

this is my colour pop collection. it was bought over 3 occasions which is why it is set up the way it is. each new clump was a different order

All prices are USD

supershock shadow catnap $5

hello kitty lippie stix (LS) konnichiwa $5
LS cami $5

Ultra matte lip (UML) Knotty $6

Ultra glossy lip (UGL) dropout $6
UGL finders keepers $6
UGL tarot $6
UGL my jam $6
UGL tokyo tea $6

Moment of weekness set $35
UML Sunday
UML Monday
UML Tuesday
UML Wednesday
UML Thursday
UML Friday
UML Saturday

top to bottom: catnap, cami, konnichiwa, knotty, dropout, finders keepers, tarot, 
my jam, tokyo tea, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday

left to right: tootsi, wet, screenshot, marshmallow, maneater

LS tootsi $5

LS wet $5

Ultra satin lip (USL) screenshot $6

USL marshmallow $6

Ultra Metallic Lip maneater $6

top to bottom: tootsi, wet, screenshot, marshmallow, maneater

Supershock highlighter over the moon $8

Amanda Steele Weekend warrior pressed palette - throttle, Harley, burnout, chopper $18

Supershock cheek aphrodisiac $8

Amanda Steele Supershock shadow Steele $5

Brow colour Blondie $6

Brow pencil Blondie $5

Amanda Steele UML chaps $6

Amanda Steele UGL hack $6

Amanda Steele USL jiffy $6

left to right:
LS pillowtalk $5
LS aquarius $5
LS primer $5
LS Hollywood blvd $5
LS hotline $5
LS baewatch $5
LS button $5
LS lumiere $5
Lippie Pencil (LP) BFF 2 $5
LP dopey $5
LP lumiere $5
USL November $6
USL calypso $6
UGL wolfie $6
UML bad habit $6

UML instigator $6

top to bottom: chaps, hack, jiffy, pillow talk, aquarius, hollywood blvd, hotline, 
bae watch, button, lumiere, BFF 2 pencil, dopey pencil, lumiere pencil, 
november, calypso, wolfie, bad habit, instigator

thanks for reading
xx Phoebe

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